5 Powerful Ways to Elevate Your Thoughts

Hi! I’m Giulia. 

Neuroscientist Carolyn Leaf, in her book Switch on Your Brain, says, “You can, through conscious effort, gain control of your thoughts and feelings, and in doing so, you can change the programming and chemistry of your brain.”

The key, perhaps, is the “conscious effort.” People aren’t accustomed to the hard work and discipline of controlling thoughts, feelings, and words. Awareness shifts everything.

When you’re aware of your emotions, you can begin to elevate your thoughts to a level that allows you to achieve greatness.

Your dreams become a reality! Your life is suddenly happier! You are a better person!

Today’s mastery session gives you 4 simple steps to achieve this plus more. Remember, simple doesn’t mean easy. Once you start, keep going until you see change happen.

Get ready to elevate your thoughts and change your life.

Now, I want to hear from you.

What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from today’s mastery session? Which of the steps are you going to start with? Have you already done anything like this? What has worked for you before to elevate your thoughts?

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“Every true visionary was once ridiculed before they were revered.”

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Welcome to today’s mastery session 5 powerful ways to elevate your thoughts. Before I start today’s mastery session, I want to thank you all so much for being a part of my life. I appreciate all the emails, the questions, the praises. And definitely the podcast reviews.

Talking about reviews, Fernando as fernog says, “Giulia covers topics that will give you all the tools you need to succeed in your personal and business life. The episodes are short and to the point. You’ll thank yourself and her for subscribing.”

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Fernando, thank you so much for your amazing review. For those of you who don’t know, Fernando is one of my recent clients who’s going through the Transcendence Mastery framework to push his business to the top.

I’ve had great conversations and sessions with Fernando and his lovely wife Joanna on getting setup correctly to launch their new product lines, branding their business, understanding their target audience, and we’re in the process to move into social media, online marketing and sales. If you are wanting to start a business or want to grow your business, get in touch with me at giulia@nestrain.com or through my site nestrain.com.

Or reach out to me on social media, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Search for Giulia Guerrero or go the podcast description to find a link.

I would love to help you transcend your limits like I’ve been helping Fernando and a variety of other clients who have become true friends. After all, it’s time for you to build a world-class business you love around an epic life. It’s time to reach greatness.

So on to today’s mastery session.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve probably heard of at least one success story of an entrepreneur who came from a low-income family with basic education, no money whatsoever, no resources and no influences.

Ralph Lauren, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, Jan Koum, Do Won Chang, Francois Pinault, Larry Ellison. Those are a few of the billionaires who came from nothing and built amazing products and brands. Each of them had their story and each of them achieved the ultimate idea of success.

In fact, it seems like almost every entrepreneur story is one of rags-to-riches. It makes you wonder how did he make it to the top? How did she become one of the most influential people on the planet? How did he get to the millions and billions in profit? And to top it off with a happy family?

Psychology will tell you it’s the one thing that helps you regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts and behave in a positive manner despite your circumstances.

In one word, mindset.

But not just any mindset, I’m talking about mental strength.

Developing this mental strength to push you through your barriers is as simple as willpower plus hard work and commitment.

For some, this might be difficult in itself. How do you enhance your thoughts and break the limitations in your mind?

  1. The first step is to choose your thoughts.

This is the most fundamental step, and yet most of us don’t do it. How many of us are living in autopilot? Going through our lives letting our emotions control us and take charge of our reactions in everything we do? Most of us, right?

Even I slip every once in a while and let my emotions take control because it’s easier to react than to be aware of my actions and take responsibility for them.

The best way to choose your thoughts is through conscious awareness. Although most of us don’t spend time thinking about our thoughts, increasing your awareness builds resilience.

Exaggerated, negative thoughts such as “I can’t ever do anything right. I’m not worth it. I can’t do this!” put an invisible barrier that holds you back from reaching your full potential. Why invisible? Because most of us don’t pay attention to them.

Instead of being so overly negative, you have to be aware of what you say, how you act, and how you react. That is the only way you’ll be able to catch your negative thoughts before they spiral out of control and influence your behavior.

So replace those thoughts with productive ones. Listen to what I said, productive not positive. While most of us will strive to achieve a positive state of mind, it’s quite daunting in the beginning. And yes, you will probably fail. Instead, you should be realistic about the current situation turning “I can’t ever do anything right. I’m not worth it. I can’t do this!” into “Ok, I have some weaknesses I need to work on, but I also have plenty of strengths. I can definitely find a way to use my strengths to benefit me right now.”

With constant monitoring and practice, you should be able to catch your thoughts and instrumentally change them to help you become your best self.

So ask yourself these questions: What thoughts dominate your mind? Do you often see yourself thinking negatively? Is everything that happens to you so bad that you can’t help but to react in a bad manner? If yes, start taking action towards conscious awareness. Choose realistic thoughts that drive positive emotions within you.

Over time, it will become a habit, but only if you don’t stop yourself from practicing the first couple of times you fail. So combine hard work and commitment with willpower and you will reap the benefits of mental strength in all you do.

  1. Take responsibility of your emotions

Like it or not, your emotions will drive the decision you make today, tomorrow and in the future. How you feel is even more important than thoughts as we all think and act based on how we feel. A great deal of your decisions are actually informed by your emotional responses.

Society has adopted the misconception that the way you feel depends on external circumstances, meaning people and events that happen around you and towards you. This isn’t true at all. Research shows that emotions are there to appraise and summarize an experience and inform your actions. But if an emotion is triggered, you won’t really be paying much attention to that.

Instead, you might want to suppress or ignore your emotions. Some people would want to reciprocate what they think was wrongfully done to them to lessen their intense feelings. These are reactive responses to your feelings, and guess what? Your feelings. Your emotions. They misfire.

They don’t have perfect aim. In fact, our biological system has many “false alarms” to make you pay attention. And because we don’t understand those alarms to be information that serves a purpose to let us know what to do, we react—naturally. We let our ancient instinct to react to completely take over our body and actions.

What you have to understand is that no one, absolutely no one has the power to make you feel a certain way as long as you don’t allow them to. No event has the power to change how you feel and to react in a negative way, unless you allow it to.

By taking responsibility of your mood, you’ll free yourself from the nonsense of having a horrible day for no reason. This means taking responsibility for your happiness. How? By being unfuckwithable, by reprogramming your mind for positive thinking, by being mindful and aware of your emotions and how you are reacting.

Go back a couple of episodes and listen to the mastery sessions on unfuckwithability and reprogramming your mind for positive thinking. I’ll be creating one soon on how to be more mindful, so be sure to stay tune.

  1. Continue your path to abundance through learning

Statistics show that Americans spend approximately 4 hours in front of the TV every day. While that number has consistently decreased in the last decade, which is great, it has been replaced by the world wide web—mainly social media. There are 2.34 billion social media users worldwide. Our entire world population is approximately 7.5 billion. That’s a big piece of the piece. People spend around 2 hours on social media alone, 3 hours on their mobile phone (and that’s without making one single call), and 2 hours on their laptops a day.

In essence, one person can spend around 9 hours of their day using some type of media, and a lot of that doesn’t support their mind with motivational and inspirational material. A lot of that is not educational programs to help them transcend their limits and become great in life.

You want to know how much time people spend reading? About 2 hours a year. Not a day. A year. That’s just US statistics. Americans read less than 22 other countries in the world, including what some people would think to be third world countries.

So what are you doing with your day? Working 8-12 hours depending on your shift and watching TV, checking your social media and then going to bed?

How is that, in any way going to alter your mindset to that of a winner? To that of a millionaire? How are you going to elevate your thoughts if you don’t motivate yourself or change your perspective by continuously nourishing your mind with written material, educational material, life changing material?

Joseph Addison once said “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” And ok, maybe reading isn’t your thing. Perhaps you like to listen throughout your day. That’s fine. Some of the best books for entrepreneurs and personal development are being consumed through audio.

Some people prefer Audible, others prefer Scribd. Some people even use their library resources to find audio CDs or courses or listen online to free e-books.

The point is that if you want to succeed in anything you want in life, you have to be continuously improving your craft. There is no better way to do that than by reading and indulging in the world of motivational, inspiration, action taking material that will help you shift your life from mediocre to absolute heaven.

And congratulations. Really congratulations because if you’ve listened this far, you’re already beginning to take the steps to better your life. You are an action taker. So take it further than before and start today.

  1. Practice tolerating discomfort

There is no better way to achieve freedom of mind and empowering your thoughts than by learning to tolerate discomfort. But most people don’t do this. Why? Because it’s easier to go through life using the exact tools and resources that most of us don’t even appreciate or realize how life changing they truly are.

Ok, so think back. Think back to a time when you were truly uncomfortable, when you didn’t even want to do or say something because it was that irritating or frustrating. Perhaps even terrifying. Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, your mind is racing. It’s that feeling that you’d do anything to avoid.

Whatever created it, chances are you a better person today as a result. Those uncomfortable and challenging circumstance you faced in life, they’ve made you better.

You have to step out of your comfort zone to great positive change in your life. The best of the best, the ones you aspire to and sometimes wish you could be, they practice tolerating discomfort every day.

They do at least one thing that they’re fearful of or are uncomfortable doing. They practice behaving like the person they want to be. That’s why some of them have become such great leaders, influencing the masses. And if you want to achieve more in life, you’re going to have to tolerate discomfort. If you want to have greater gains, make your vision a reality, then you have to practice being uncomfortable.

We’ve come to think all pain is bad. Pain the sense of emotional fear, discomfort. But you know something, the right pain is a crucial part of getting the best out of life. It’s what makes goals, accomplishments and victory so desirable. Without the effort, we wouldn’t value them. It’s responsible for close to 100% of our development. Without discomfort, you’d surely never reach your potential.

It’s the last few brutal reps at the gym that create the results.

The torture of public speaking that makes the best influencers and communicators.

The intimidating act of asking someone on a date, but it’s the only way you’ll find your soulmate.

It’s taking the risk to say and act how you feel even if everyone is against you.

Let me tell you something, the change makers will always be criticized, disliked and hated before they are loved.

Every true visionary was once ridiculed before they were revered.

Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Vincent van Gogh, Edison, Jonas Salk, Henry Ford, the list goes on and on. They were all ridiculed, laughed at, and dislike before they were revered, adored, respected and thought of as the geniuses and innovators of our generations.

So if you want to be an A-player, if you want to change the world, if you want to change your life, you have to challenge the status quo. You have to disrupt society and that starts with discomfort.

Life begins just outside your comfort zone. Fear is natural. It’s part of your ancestral mechanism to keep you safe, but don’t let your fear define what could be the most beautiful moments you ever experience. So go out there and make the magic happen.

  1. Reflect

Reflect on your progress, reflect on the changes you’ve made. When you pay attention to your surroundings you’ll realize that most people, and sometimes even you, want to be kept busy. You want something to do. That’s why we tend to watch TV and get on your phones. We don’t like that quiet silence in our lives because that’s when we are forced to take responsibility for our actions and our words.

But you have to create time to reflect on your progress toward developing mental strength and elevating your thoughts.

It’s extremely uncomfortable to be in silence, reflecting on life. Why? Because when you’re busy, you don’t have to face reality, you don’t have to face your failing business or painful marriage. Being busy allows you to avoid life’ big questions, your existence. It removes you from the present time and your current responsibilities because your mind doesn’t have time to think about that.

Being busy is a way to sabotage your success and the majority of you don’t even realize it.

Sure, science has shown there is some connection between the need to create and happiness—after all we are all creators, we are all innovators. But too much of a good thing can also be bad.

You also have to remember that our society glorifies being overschedule and overworked. They see people who are like that as “hard workers”. Isn’t that what you’ve been told since you were a child? If you want to be anyone in life, if you want to achieve anything, you have to work hard.

In our society, being busy equals being important. It’s this implicit assumption that if you’re not in back-to-back meetings all day, or a work-a-holic, people don’t care what you think or who you are.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to be so busy that you don’t even have time to think to yourself. People will still care about what you think and who you are even if you aren’t that busy.

Those influencers you most admire most like have a freedom lifestyle. They travel. They exercise. They have time for what they love most. Yet that doesn’t take away from the respect and the admiration you have towards them does it? In fact, some of you secretly want to be them.

It’s, therefore, that I challenge you to set at least 15 minutes a day for quiet reflection. Reflect on everything from what you ate to how many sales you made today. It’s only with reflection that you can begin to discover what you could improve on and take action to do so.

That’s how you begin to change your life and elevate your thoughts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s mastery session and as always, thank you so much for listening. I’ll see you next week.

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