Giulia Guerrero on Creativity, Psychology of Visual Arts, and Entrepreneurship

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On this very special episode of the Transcendence Mastery Sessions I dive into creativity, the psychology of visual arts, and entrepreneurship. It’s an inspiring interview by Allie Oliver-Burns, Designer and Founder of PoseManikin and fashion brand Woodland Mermaid.

This isn’t your conventional interview format, but the content is thought provoking and continues to help you transcend your limits like every mastery sessions thus far.

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I am truly honored to have been interviewed by Allie. Her questions were refreshing and not the usual interview questions I am used to answering. So thank you so much for that Allie 🙂

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The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Transcendence Mastery Sessions with Giulia Guerrero. Please note this episode, like all TMS episodes, is possible thanks to you and your fellow entrepreneurs, parents, and leaders. Subscribe to the free motivational podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the Transcendence Mastery Sessions. Today’s episode is not going to be the usual motivational or educational piece. I want to share with you a recent interview I was in with by a great friend of mine Allie Oliver-Burns.

Allie is a designer, photographer and illustrator originally from upstate New York and the founder of PoseManikin and an amazing sustainable fashion brand WoodlandMermaid. She digs fashion, music, robots, vintage Volvos, coffee, organic food, recycling and spending time in nature. It’s a few of the many things I also enjoy, which is definitely one of the reasons we clicked so well from the very beginning.

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I first met Allie through my online community on Google+ called BizThrive. It’s a wonderful community for entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself to engage, network and share information that can help you transcend your limits in business and life.

I will warm you, this is not your conventional interview. This interview was actually meant to be a written blog post, but instead, I decided to record the questions and answers for Allie at her request.

Let’s tune in….

Hello, PoseManikin here. First of, I have to say that I’m a huge, huge fan of Giulia Guerrero. A little over a year ago, she invited me to join the BizThrive community on Google+. And since, I’ve been incredibly impressed, encourage and empowered as an entrepreneur.

Giulia has a brilliant mind with a passionate soul to help small businesses and individuals transcend their limits and to be successful. She has an incredible way of connecting to others, building community and fueling inspiration to try new methods for better productivity and tools for a healthier work life balance.

If you’re like me, and you’re an entrepreneur working hard to live your dreams and passions, I highly recommend you check out the BizThrive community, Giulia’s nestrain website and listen to the following interview.

  1. Describe your professional background.

I’ve been connecting people, brand and products for over 8 years. In a way you can say I have a very eclectic background. Having previously worked as Director of Marketing and Design for a manufacturing company, I’ve had first-hand experience in experimenting with market engagement models, discovering the power of aligning outward buyers and the buyers’ journey. I’ve also served in roles within the creative and franchise-retail industries. And just recently, I’ve had the pleasure of being a business and life mentor.

2. What inspires you most about the creative process?

In life, what inspires us most and what moves us most is the path to achieving our goals. The outcome is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But the process itself, the challenges, the innovation, the ideas…putting those down into paper, adjusting them as you go along the process to defining whatever it is that you’re doing, that is what drives us as human beings.

You have to understand that we are all creators. No matter what our career is, what our roles are, we are all innovators and creators. Absolutely everything that we do, starts with a hunch. This feeling that you have to do this, that you must act on it. It’s a total risk because you’re just about to jump off a cliff. You don’t know if what lies at the bottom is a field of mountainous rocks or a wonderful waterfall waiting to break your fall as smoothly as possible. Yet, you have to go for it because you believe in it.

And as creators, we know that creativity needs time and space to be born. It can be difficult. It can be painful. It can be fun. It can be amazing. But within that space, within that time, that is where the journey takes place and it’s what inspires me most.

  1. Name three artists who have influenced you immensely.

The first one I’m going to mention is definitely well known. That is Leonardo da Vinci. He was not only a painter, but also a musician, a mathematician, an inventor a writer. He was a genius. And his artworks usually had their own symbolic, logical meanings not just the abstract thoughts.

And I think one of the most interesting facts about da vinci is that he left many paintings unfinished and destroyed most of his work. They say it was because he was a procrastinating perfectionist, and that might be so, but I like to think that he did it not because he was procrastinating, but because he understood the importance of moving forward with other projects that had more meaning to his soul.

The second artist is Nikola tesla. And while most people don’t think of Tesla as an artist, I do. After all, an artist is someone who is skilled in a particular occupation or task and Tesla was a genius inventor who loved electrical and mechanical engineering.

His innovations brought to us light, x-rays, the radio, the laser, wi-fi and limitless free energy. I mean, he changed the world in unimaginable ways. And he was rather funny. For example, after dining with writer and poet Rudyard Kipling in 1901, he wrote a letter to a close friend saying:

My dear Mrs. Johnson,

What is the matter with inkspiller Kipling? He actually dared to invite me to dine in an obscure hotel where I would be sure to get hair and cockroaches in the soup.

Yours truly,

  1. Tesla

But Tesla also had insights into life, business, and energy that were beyond his years. He once said,

Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.

He was referring to the energy that lives inside each human being. And some people say that is just hocus pocus, but a highly popular field in science quantum physics has actually proven that human beings are composed of light and energy encapsulated between two walls of nothingness. If that’s not amazing then I don’t know what is.

And lastly, but certainly not least, Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m sure everyone has heard of Mr. Wright as the famous architect who crafted the Waterfall house, but the work of his that has inspired me most has been his Usonian houses.

The Usonian home concept was Wright’s attempt to create affordable housing but also a changed society in America. And organic architecture was the vehicle which he used to bring his vision into fruition.

For Wright, organic architecture meant first and foremost that nature be included in every aspect of the home. Seemingly, the home was to appear to have come up from the ground and into the fresh air and sunshine, or in his own words: “out of the ground and into the light!”

Organic architecture also implied that the home had its roots from the ground. Both of these terms reflected his thoughts of how a culture should utilize its roots and appreciate where they had come from, embracing the past in order to move forward toward the future.

The Usonian home ultimately symbolized light, a redefining of space, and freedom Wright felt that the people of the United States were entitled to and deserved.

That in itself is inspiration enough.

  1. What inspires you most about design in nature?

When you say design in nature, I believe you are referring to the constructal law which is the theory of the generation of design in nature.

According to this theory, life is flow. All flow systems are living systems, the animate and inanimate. Design generation and evolution is a phenomenon of physics and designs have the universal tendency to evolve in a certain direction in time.

This law, created by Adrian Bejan, argues that design is nevertheless a legitimate natural scientific concept solving one of the greatest riddles of science, design without a designer.

But if this is the case, then those who believe in a higher power whether it be God, extraterrestrials, the Universe, whatever it may be might question that there has always been a designer even if that designer is one we do not recognize as the author.

What I see this theory and any other theory to be is a principle by which we all intuitively try to understand the world. And design in nature does one thing if anything else, remind us of the knowledge we already have by really looking at everyday relationships.

It helps us recognize the principles, patterns and process of nature as it relates to our lives perhaps even inspiring us to create elegant and aesthetic design.

And in many ways, it brings us all together as one because it’s the crucial communication across language, culture and belief. We can all relate and respond to design in nature.

Perhaps the most familiar and most mysterious megalithic example are the pyramids. The pyramids are an extraordinary design that has puzzled human beings for thousands of years.

Have you ever wondered how in Egypt they were building the Great Pyramids and a variety of other pyramids and in Mexico, Peru, India and China they were also designing and constructing pyramids? Some people like to say ancient aliens, but I say it’s design in nature.

If you introduce two people from different cultures, backgrounds and personalities to the same experiences, it’s not unusual for them to design something similar. We’ve seen this over the course of thousands of years. Design in nature guides us, inspires us but also brings us together as one.

5. Your thoughts on the psychology of visual arts?

While most of us can be inspired by words, the fact is that we all strive to achieve some type of visual even when we are reading. Images and visualization create a world of color, shape, and texture that we all want to be a part of. It’s a sort of visual playfulness and exploration that happens automatically at many times.

The creation and consumption of art is an ancient and evolutionary process that engages every part of us. So defining visual arts in the perspective of psychology alone would do it no justice. Visual art falls into a trio of human development: neuropsychology, biology and evolution.

Art is so complex, sophisticated and rich that quite honestly there is no way to truly understand it when it comes to its relationship to the trio of human development. Researches have spent countless hours studying and analyzing the connection of art to the brain to be left with one thing: confusion. The available data shows that no single brain region, pathway or cerebral hemisphere can explain the brain/art relationship. On the contrary, we can ascertain language localization in the left hemisphere.

Review of current evidence from artist suggest that artistic talent, skill and creativity are supported by wide brain areas and are greatly resistant to brain damage. And because of this, art has been used a way to treat patients in any of those fields, particularly in that of psychology.

The visual art process encourages people to express and understand emotions through artistic expression and creativity. The funny thing is that emotion lies in our limbic part of the brain, an area that has absolutely no space for language. This is why visual art is a great tool. But is there any real connection to our mind and behavior? Current data is not conclusive of a clear, defined connection. Only time will tell.

  1. How do you feel art plays a crucial role in business?

It really depends on which aspect of business you’re looking at. When we are concerning art with business I like to think of the actual process and application to business operations. The easiest ways to do this is by incorporating the creative and learning process of art into the operations of the business.

The purpose of this is to create immersive learning experiences using artistic processes to help people gain new insights and perspectives about business challenges. By doing so, people are able to step out of the realm of analytical thinking and into the realm of silence, reverie, and heightened awareness.

It also helps create a bonding experience that facilitates collaboration and accelerates the ability to get to the heart of the problem. For employees, it helps build safety, trust, shared values and shift perceptions. And it increases the capacity for breakthrough ideas, insights and innovations that lead to success.

  1. Running a small business can be incredibly difficult, especially if you operate solo. What tips would you grant to new entrepreneurs?

The most important thing is to find a life-work balance, especially if they are still working their part-time or full-time job while launching their new business.

Anything they can do to be more productive is really going to set them on a faster track to achieving their goals and optimizing their life.

I actually have a free one-page productivity planner and audio training they can use if they’d like to get achieve 10x more in half the time. They can go to and sign up for it. Those are my own personal results and results will vary, but everyone who’s tried this free training and utilized the accompanying tool have given me much praise.

They’ve been able to only be more efficient, but finally finished the day proud of the work they have accomplished – beating procrastination, overwhelm, and guilt.

Most importantly, it’s been able to open up time to do the things they love. And personally to spend more time with my family, giving my daughter the mommy-daughter time she so deserves.

  1. What is one of the toughest business challenges you’ve faced?

Fear. Without any guess, it’s definitely fear. And fear can come in so many different forms. With me it was not believing in myself, needing to be absolutely perfect with everything, lacking confidence in what I was doing, and thinking that I wouldn’t be able to attract customers once I launched.

Those are all fears that held me back for almost 4 years. I always wanted to start a business, but I stuck to my freelancing here and there not wanting to expand. Eventually, I made a decision to launch my business Nestrain and this new upcoming course Transcendence Mastery Academy.

But the road wasn’t easy. All these self-killing doubts were taking a toll on me and my time. I kept pushing off projects and instead consumed everything I could possibly find or research continuously without putting anything into action.

I got over it the minute I told my inner self that my goals, my family and my dreams are more important than my fears. It was an inner battle for quite some time, but I was able to surpass it.

Is fear entirely gone? No, it’s not. It’s there knocking at my door every day. The difference is that my will is now stronger than my fear, and when I fear something, I feel it and do it anyway.

  1.  Transcendence. Tell me more about this exciting business mastery course.

The Transcendence Mastery Academy is a course that’s very dear to my heart. It evolved from my own personal needs as a starting entrepreneur as well as the needs of others who are in the same position as I. The basis of the course is to help entrepreneurs build a world-class business they love around an epic life.

After countless interviews and research, I learned that entrepreneurs can find the tools, techniques and resources they need. But if they don’t have the skills to put those into action successfully or if they’re not able to get past their limits, they would’ve lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in learning material. Not only that, they would’ve sacrificed the most valuable resource we all have – time.

I know it because as I said earlier I did it. I spent almost 4 years analyzing, consuming and researching. And even though I had the skills to launch my business a long time ago, I couldn’t get past the fear.

That’s when the first module of Transcendence was born – mindset. And as I kept analyzing and listening to interviews of successful millionaire entrepreneurs, I learned that there are several other skills they mastered that could be customized to any business they started.

But no one teaches this stuff. When you find an online course to build a business, you will learn how to build a website on a specific platform, or how to start your own podcast, or what tools you need for website analytics. Very little would you find information about how to be more productive effectively. And if you do, you run into thousands upon thousands of online blog articles that contradict each other, as everyone has their own opinion, and you spend another week or another month testing all these things out to see what works for you.

So, I did that for everyone out there so they don’t have to do it. I then organized the course into 8 modules that will run for a total of 8 weeks based on those findings and the results of solopreneur surveys. Each module dives into the different skills needed to build a solid foundation for any business: mindset, physiology, productivity, purpose and leadership, idea and avatar, prospecting, marketing and sales.

Everything starts with you, the founder, the owner, the creator, the innovator. The first four weeks are directed to the self-development of the student. The last four weeks are directed towards the development of the business itself, starting with the idea and avatar.

I found many entrepreneurs question whether they have a viable idea that will sell in the market. They also don’t know who their customer is because, well, they’re starting out. They have no data to validate their thoughts.

And let’s admit it, there’s no shortage of experts out there giving advice on how to validate your business or even start one. But there’s one big problem, most of that advice isn’t good advice if you’re a beginner. That’s where Transcendence can help.

Even if you already have a business, the material I teach in the Transcendence Mastery course can help a struggling business owner turn things around for the better.

What I love about the course is that I teach unconventional things. For example, in marketing week instead of learning how to advertise on Facebook or Google Adwords, you’ll learn how to predict why and when your customers will buy from you or how to unveil the decision factors of your customer’s brain.

It’s all about the foundation of each topic, which always drives back to human behavior and our brains. These are the things that other people don’t teach you but that can mean the difference in your success.

  1. Could you share one of your favorite motivational quotes?

Absolutely! In a way is more of poetic gesture, but it’s absolutely moving.

If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you don’t,
If you like to win, but you think you can’t
It is almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins

– Walter D. Wintle – 1905

If you were to take anything from this motivational speech to convert it into a quote, it would be “Soon or late the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!”.

Everything we do, everything our bodies feel…it all starts in the brain with our thoughts. Our thoughts are always manifested, which is why experts like Vishen Lakhiani from MindValley or other well known experts like Jeffery Allen, John Assaraf, Shankar Vedantam focus their lives work in learning and understanding about the connection of the brain to our bodies, to our soul, to our energy. And how we can use that to manifest anything we want.

And the thing is, it works. We may not think it does, but that’s the sweet spot about it. When you realize that we are all made of energy, that out thoughts can create reality, you will begin to understand life itself.

The interesting thing? Science has proven this, and specifically the field of quantum physics keeps proving so many new things. For example, did you know that gravity is not a pull, it’s a push?

Einstein’s theory of relativity has been finally proved two years ago. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend… all these geniuses already knew this and no one listened. This is the type of thinking that Walter Wintle talks about in his motivational speech. This is the level of high performance I want my students to achieve.

To do the unthinkable. To create and innovate even when the world thinks they’re crazy. But to do it all having backed their ideas, understanding the basics of a true business model, and taking action to make it all a successful reality.

  1. Best business advice you’ve ever received. Go!

Oh man, this one is interesting. I’ve heard so many good things that it’s hard to really pin one down, but if anything resonated with me it has to be to take action.

As simple as that may be, it can be quite difficult when you have fear stumping you down every day or when the people who are supposed to support you don’t.

But you have to take action and the best time to take action towards building your dreams, building your life, and creating everything you’ve ever thought of is now. Not tomorrow, not later, NOW.

If you don’t take action towards your goals, someone will hire you to build or run theirs. In fact, most people right now are probably in that position.

It’s time to get up and push forth in life. To ignore your inner negative self and cherish your positive self. It’s time to do things for you because you want to, because you’ve dreamed it, because you deserve it.

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes, I want everyone out there to know that you are here for a reason. Not just in the typical sense, but also in the worldly sense. You are here because God has a mission for you. You have a purpose. And you have talents and gifts that the world needs.

Don’t push that off with excuses. Believe in yourself. Believe in what you can do and you will do it.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to, so don’t hesitate to act today. Even the smallest act can build over time into a glorious pursuit and business you love and that draws in loyal customers.

And I invite each and every one of you to go to for more information about the productivity planner and training as well as the Transcendence Mastery Academy.

And of course, if we haven’t connected on social, be sure to check me out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ under my name Giulia Guerrero. I’m sure Allie will have the links on the blog post.

Thank you Giulia and thank you to everyone who took the time to listen to the interview. For more interviews, please continue following the PM blog. If you’re interested in participating in an interview or have new interview ideas, contact PoseManikin at

That’s it for now. Enjoy your day. And remember you are unique.

I truly hope you enjoyed listening to the interview. Allie had wonderful questions and definitely inspired me to think out of the box with provocative questions that truly helped me explore a deeper sense of who I am as a person and as an entrepreneur.

Be sure to check out Allie’s website PoseManikin and her fashion brand Woodland Mermaid. I will include links to her site and social networks in the episode notes as well as in the blog post on

As always, thank you so much for listening. It has been an honor to share this unique mastery session with you. I’ll see you next time.

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