Stop Skipping This Sales Step and Make More Money

Hi! I’m Giulia. 

Do you ever wonder why more people aren’t buying your stuff? Even if you product or service is amazing and the perfect fit, if nobody’s buying THAT’S A PROBLEM.

And sure, you’ve probably read thousands of online articles on how to improve sales. Maybe you’ve spend countless hours reading and taking notes from those famous sales books like the Little Red Book of Selling, Secrets of Closing the Sale, or the Psychology of Selling.

And you could’ve sworn that everything you’ve learned has been put into play in your business and life. So what’s the problem? Why are your sales low? Why are your products not selling? And why are customers running away?

Perhaps you’re missing the key sales step that most entrepreneurs don’t even know they have to do to make your products sell like hot cakes. Tune in to today’s mastery session to learn what that mystery ingredient is and finally make the sales you’ve been dreaming of.


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“Psychology tells us that unless your customer has a need to solve a problem they’re not going to buy a product.”

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Hello and welcome to today’s mastery session. I’m really excited about today’s topic, selling, selling, selling.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in the sales business. If you’re a startup, small business, employee, I hate to break it to you but you’re in the sales business. Absolutely everything that we do in life is about selling something.

You’re selling products or services to customers. Or selling your ideas and proposals to executives. Or selling your opinion to your friends and family.

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Most of you have probably read the Little Red Book of Selling, Secrets of Closing the Sale, the Psychology of Selling, and a variety of other sales books.

And you could’ve sworn that everything you’ve learned has been put into play in your business and life. So what’s the problem? Why are your sales low? Why are your products not selling? And why are customers running away?

To better portray this, I’m going to give you three scenarios.

Ok, here’s scenario one. If you’re a sales rep, you probably spend most of your day making calls or heading to one-on-one meetings to sell the next big thing. You’re thinking things go well. You’ve found the problem and are selling the solution. This should be easy peasy right? But then, the customer decides to not buy, again. Another customer who’s said no for the gazillion time.

So after a very unsuccessful day, you start heading home. You’re frustrated. You’re angry, but you figure it’s best to analyze your calls and meetings. See what you can learn from them and change it. So you start going over your steps over and over and nothing. You come up with nothing. You’ve done everything the experts have told you, you found a problem and you did your best to sell the solution, but they didn’t buy. What could be wrong? Nothing seems to be wrong. And to top it off, some insensitive jerk cuts you off on the road.

And when you get home, you’re ready to kill someone. You feel like the devil has completely consumed you and there’s nothing anyone can do to calm you down. Another day in hell, another day without a sale.

Here’s scenario two. You’re a small business owner. Perhaps you own a brick and mortar store. And every customer to you is like a little piece of heaven. Oh and low and behold, here comes one. You welcome her warmly, invite her to look around. And as you put yourself out there, you realize that she’s gone through most of the store and hasn’t picked up one thing.

You continue your service and ask her if she’s looking for anything in particular. Perhaps there’s something you can help with. And yes, she is. How wonderful, you have a solution for that. The perfect fit. And after going through all the details and features, she doesn’t buy.

You’re confused and slightly irritated. You just spent more than 30 minutes trying to sell this customer the exact product she was looking for, the exact solution and she didn’t get it. Why? And like the sales rep, you go round and round in your mind analyzing the situation trying to figure out where it all went wrong to be left in the same place you were in the beginning.

And when you get home? Your spouse welcomes you with open arms and ask about your day, and all you can say is “Same old same old. They come and look around, but never buy. I don’t know where we are going wrong.”

And finally, one more scenario. Scenario 3. You’re an entrepreneur, but not just any entrepreneur. You focus on selling digital products. You know, the ones that usually require a sales landing page or video of some sort to deliver your value proposition. You have everything in place. Your analytics are working. You’re driving traffic to your site and product landing page. You have a good sized email list. Yet your sales are not even close to being enough for you to support yourself or your family.

You’ve defined your customer avatar. You’ve established a pain point. And you have an amazing solution. So why don’t they buy?

Every week, you check back with the hopes that someone will validate your idea, your product, your service. And nothing. You being to question your skills, your talent. Your confidence level beings to slowly drop.

It’s like this little mosquito that keeps nagging at your neck over and over, always coming back even though you’ve tried almost everything to get rid of it. All these negative thoughts being to form in your mind and eventually take over you. And without truly realizing it, you’re taking your anger out on your friends, your spouse, your children.

And to top it off you’ve gained 5 pounds or maybe even 10. That doesn’t feel good at all does it?

So now that you’ve heard each scenario, I want to ask you one question:

What do they all have in common?

The sales process and the overwhelming stress that it can cause not to make a sale.

While some things might change, the sales process involves establishing a pain point and offering a solution. This is what most experts and influencers in the field would say. This is what you usually learn from reading books and articles online too.

But did you know there’s one step that’s missing? Can you take a guess at what that step might be?

To make the pain point worse.

And yeah ok, some of you might be thinking, I knew that. But how many of you actually remember to include it within your sales process? Because if you haven’t, and you have the other steps covered, that could be the reason you’re losing money and not making sales.

So let’s go over these three steps so you can see the correlation:

Step 1: Establish a pain point

This step is all about the pain or like I like to think of it, the big bold button that constantly gets pushed.

Psychology tells us that unless your customer has a need to solve a problem they’re not going to buy a product. And sure, prospects will sometimes purchase things randomly and without even thinking. But a lot of times, there’s an underlying reason, a subconscious reason for the purchase.

That, in and of itself, tells you that usually the first pain point a customer raises might not be the most important.

It makes me think of couples. Most times when women argue about something with their spouse or boyfriend, it has absolutely nothing to do with what they’re arguing about. It has to do with something deeper inside of them that they’re either afraid of talking about and use the current situation as the anchor point to speak about it. Or they completely and utterly don’t recognize that there’s something bothering them that it’s not being mentioned at all. This is why arguments, debates, or even conversations can be confusing.

As human beings, we aren’t always 100% direct. Not because we don’t want to be, many times we want to be super direct, but rather because we don’t even know within us what is truly bothering us and use examples of previous past events to come to the closest explanation of what we think the problem is.

It’s only we answer so many questions that we truly arrive at the issue.

For that angry wife, the issue could be that her husband doesn’t listen to her, or he does listen but never takes action to prove to her that she’s appreciated and loved, or perhaps there’s a void deep inside her that can’t be filled by other people, only by herself. And there’s a rigid wall standing in front of this path to self-love that’s not letting her see that true happiness lies within her, not in other people’s actions towards you.

And so we arrive at the true pain point which has nothing to do with why her partner didn’t eat the dinner she cooked, why he arrived late or why he can’t be proactive in life.

Identifying a paint point is not that far from this example.

When you first ask a person what they want or need or what they’re looking for, the usual answer might be “Oh, I’m just looking” because they don’t truly know what they want. It’s in that instant moment when they see something and suddenly their emotions get positively riled up that they say “I want this. I need this. I can’t live without this.”

You can’t provide your customers valuable advice unless you have an accurate understanding of their goals and pain points.

Step Two: The Mystery Ingredient, The One Technique Missing in Your Sales Process. Drumroll please…. Exacerbating the pain, making that pain point worse

Without this step, step one and step three are completely obsolete.

You know those times when you do something not because you want to, but because it will keep someone off your back? It will shut them up or get rid of them for good so you can finally have some peace of mind?

That’s what this step is all about.

You have to push that big bold button. You have to get them to pop, to explode, to get so irritated and frustrated that they can’t handle it anymore emotionally and mentally. They must find a solution and they must find it now.

Alright, before you start jumping on the bandwagon and trying to manipulate and piss someone off, there’s a subtle way of doing this.

You need to ethically use your customers’ pain as a powerful sales tactic. How? Through communication.

Communication is a two-way street. And you can communicate through your marketing material, your social networks, your comments, directly one-on-one, etc.

The entire process has to be authentic and transparent. You will never get someone to buy from you and continuously come back to purchase from you unless you earn their trust.

Trust is single-handedly the best way to get people to open up and start communicating their needs.

In a way, I want you to take the role of a doctor. When a patient goes to a see a doctor, they give them a variety of symptoms. And some even go to the extent of telling the doctor what they think they have. It becomes a “I think I have stomach cancer” response when all they truly have is “acid indigestion”. Similar symptoms, entirely different solutions.

Your role as the doctor, and the sales person, is to get to the bottom of the diagnosis. This is a challenge. It is, but once you earn that trust, they will feel more at ease telling you what’s truly bothering them.

They will open up. That’s your opportunity to ask questions and continue to ask questions not just about what’s bothering them but what the absence of the solutions is causing them to feel.

I talked about this a little bit in the mastery session “How to position yourself to charge higher prices”. Go back and listen to that episode if haven’t done so already. It will help you have a better scope of what I’m talking about.

So you have to play upon their emotions in accordance to their pain point. And it has to be done from their point of view. You can’t simply be telling them “so you have this, this and this” until you have heard, listened and analyzed their pain points.

This is where the doctor will give you a blood test or ultrasound or CT scan to continue the diagnosis to truly determine what’s going on.

You have to do this as well. You have to continue asking questions, you can give them a quiz if you want to, or an assessment.

And please please please, don’t go into the ever famous psychiatrist approach “And how do you feel about that? Yes, yes, and you say that makes you feel how? Ok, tell me again, how does that make you feel.”

Redundancy is not the way to push the button. You’ll come off as annoying, obnoxious, and pushy. The traditional perception most people have of sales people. Right? Yes, you can take that approach if you want to and highly achieve that irritation to get the sale, but you’ll end up getting a forced sale rather than a sale that’s serving both the customer and yourself.

You want to get to the point where the customer is your friend and they’re suddenly telling you all their lives problems without the fear of judgement. Your customer is not just another dollar sign, so ask the questions to get to the bottom of the diagnosis and continue to build trust in order for them to open up and tell you how they feel regarding their current problem.

This is the most effective way to push that big bold button because essentially, you’re not doing the pushing, they are.

Step Three: Relieve the pain

Going back to the doctor example, this is where the doctor would essentially prescribe a solution. Perhaps it’s pharmaceuticals, or surgery, or advice, or simply to wait it out.

There will be times when the solution might not be affordable, like cancer treatment. There will be times when the patient will hate the solution in general, like having to take daily medication for the rest of their lives. There will be times when patients will do anything to get the solution, like donate their blood, an organ or get a mortgage on their home or other assets just to be able to live or see their loved one live another day.

Now, of course, your solution hopefully won’t be as drastic as that, but that’s what you want your customers to feel like. You want them to feel like they will do anything to get your help or buy your product because it aligns with their needs, goals and pain points. And not just because of that, because you took the time to listen and create a relationship built on trust.

When you do that, you won’t need to talk about your features, your benefits, how you’re better than everyone else, and how many years of experience you have on the market, or what the guarantee is. You won’t. Because your customers have already been sold and in their mind, your solution—whether that’s a product, a service or anything else—it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for.

So be sure to apply every single step in your sales approach. Understand and identify your customers’ pain points, get to the bottom of the real problem and push their button emotionally, and offer a solution.

Do that, and you’ll have a sound sales process that will help you transcend your limits and increase your profit so you can finally come home proud of what you’ve accomplished.

I truly want to thank you so much for listening. Every time I look at my analytics and I see my podcast listeners growing and I get wonderful emails from you, it makes my heart flutter, specially through the challenges that I face myself on a daily basis.

Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t launch an episode in the last two weeks and as much as I want to have an excuse for it. There isn’t. Whatever life challenges I’m facing have nothing to do with you and it shouldn’t affect my work, but alas it has. And I apologize for missing last week’s mastery session.

Hey, be grateful, I’m not usually this nice. Haha, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But honestly, I’m very happy that each and every single one of you are a part in my life. Because when I break down, you’re one of the reasons I get back up.

And I want you to reach out to me. I want you to get on social media and give me a shout out or send me an email to Because you make a difference in my life and in everything I do. I want to get to know you at a deeper level so that moment we meet in person it’ll be like we’ve known each other for a lifetime.

And for those of you who are constantly facing struggles or for those times when you feel that life will never get any better remember this poetic gesture by Walter D. Wintle, one of my favorites:

If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you don’t,
If you like to win, but you think you can’t
It is almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins

Never, ever let your thoughts, your inner criticism and the things that happen to you and around you define who you are as a person or what you do in life.

Believe that you are capable and you will always transcend. You will always get back up and you’ll find a way to get a home run from the curve balls life throws at you.

So once again thank you for making a difference in this world and in my life.

And if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, go ahead and click that button. Leave an iTunes review and share it with everyone you know. We can make a difference in so many people’s life together by doing simple things like these and sometimes just by saying hello.

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Cheers and thanks again!

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